Well, the washing machine pump was finally delivered. But then the repairman’s mother died yesterday, and I sat waiting for him to show up and fix this damned thing. He was so upset, he didn’t remember to call.

He says he will try to get to it this weekend.

2 thoughts on “ARGGHH

  1. I got a $20 service manual for my washing machine and get parts from a local repair service/parts place. The manual has fault check flow charts so you can eliminate spurious repairs. Cuts my repair bills to less than half, and, and, and . . . turned my 13-year old washing machine into a true durable good that will run indefinitely, instead of becoming yet another disposable appliance. The people at the parts place are very helpful and give their insights into the repair. Not only that, but I started to help all the old ladies in the neighborhood by replacing electric range elements, fixing washing machines, etc. For the neighborly fee of nothing–they just paid for parts. Now all the old ladies have gone into old folks’ homes. It was nice to be useful to them and have them pinch my (facial) cheek while giving me chilled, home-made limoncello liqueur at ten in the morning.

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