GoT: Is Jon Snow really dead?

Lai lai! I refuse to mourn my Jon Snow. He is not dead. He always comes back. He will come back. From now till April 2016 is more than enough time for my boo thang to recover from a few stab wounds. He is covered with the blood of Jesus sef. I rebuke the

Jon Snow just got stabbed, repeatedly in Game of Thrones season 5 episode 9. Jon was betrayed by the men of the Night’s Watch and Olly in particular. We saw it coming for some episodes now, the growing discontent over Jon’s leadership and choices. We suppose that going to rescue the wildlings from Hardhome and bringing…

3 thoughts on “GoT: Is Jon Snow really dead?

  1. I’m sorry, but when THIS type of crap can be promoted to be such a ‘realistic’ and even institutionalized part of our society, then no wonder our kids and even many adults are delusional. It isn’t ‘art’ or ‘drama’ anymore; it is portrayed as being an idealistic America, but it really is BULLSHIT.

    It’s as real as the video’s that parents across the country have bought and paid big money for.

    The great prophets of the 20th century, i.e. M.L. King, Dwight Eisenhower, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy all predicted the oncoming demise of America as a result of the type of capitalism/militarism and the lack of the ORIGINAL Democracy that now promotes GREED at all costs. MLK even made mention of the dangers that the digital age could bring with it.

    As Malcolm once said, using a great metaphor, “THE CHICKENS WILL SOON COME HOME TO ROOST”.

    I’m glad I won’t be here to witness the fall. BTW, eight years of Hilary, smart bombs, ‘best military” in the world, and the total lack of compassion for its own citizens is going to be a big part of the equation. Hell, out military couldn’t even defeat Viet Nam, or for that matter Iraq!

    Many of our younger population won’t have the opportunities that their parents had. The sway and call of groups like ISIS, and others will turn this country into a bigger mess than the last three presidents could ever have dreamt. The next 10/20 years will represent the new chapter of the Christians vs. the fundamentalist Muslims and their allies. The Crusades are upon us!

    Yeah, let’s just keep building more presidential libraries and fuck the poor of our own country, enlarge the police state, killing off all the black and browns, dis-honor the poor and honor the richest ASSHOLES. These idiotic actions will show the world who we are and
    will only hasten the fall. All the riches of the world won’t stop the demise and demolition of the democracy we grew up with. Anyone see ’60 Minutes’ this evening?

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