Something about what happens when we talk

If there’s one thing all the men in my life had in common, it’s that they were what my mother would call “great little talkers” — the implication being, all promises and no delivery. But the words were wonderful while it lasted. Lucinda Williams:

One thought on “Something about what happens when we talk

  1. I wonder, Susie, if your mom also taught you that women and white men are the two most-powerful groups in the world? Forget the 70 whatever percent that women earn compared to (white males), the point is that even if that’s true women do better than any other groups. Truth is that nothing, literally nothing of worth, goes down in this country without the wishes of women. So, why in the hell was Obama elected in the first place over Hillary? Lot’s of theories exist, but the one I’d say is the strongest and most credible is the fact that women of all stripes looked forward to a black man to clean up Bushes’ shit. In recent decades, a number of U.S. presidents have counted on women to deal with foreign leaders and with politics and diplomacy aside, the charm and grace of a woman will never be denied. (Adam loved Eve even when she disobeyed God’s word!)

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