One thought on “Whenever you’re on my mind

  1. Love this song! I don’t remember hearing it that much back in the day. But my favorite 80s college band, Zeitgeist/The Reivers, have that same jangly guitar sound. Maybe they copied it from Marshal.
    Never see anything from Zeitgeist posted here, so I guess Susie was not a fan.
    Here they are covering a Willie Nelson song from Translate Slowly (without the words)
    And one of their own songs after they were forced to change their name:
    It’s good to hear these old songs from time to time to remember how life felt when I was young. I don’t mean that I feel old now, but I sort of go along assuming I always had the same feelings about life as I do now. When I hear stuff like this, the past comes back and I can feel the differences between then and now.
    If you hear this old stuff every day (like listening to the bigger hits on the oldies stations), though, it doesn’t trigger anywhere like the same emotional recall.

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