Bashing Bernie

A friend sent me this video this morning, telling me she was informed by male progressive activists that it was definitely Hillary Clinton behind it. (Because vaginas?) Even though it’s connected to a PAC run by Martin O’Malley supporters.

Now, that isn’t how campaigns work, and I’ve been saying this for weeks. Hillary Clinton is WAY out in front; you don’t go after another popular candidate if you still have something to lose, and the only person who has anything to gain by trying to dirty up Sanders is Martin O’Malley.

The theory is that he is her attack dog and future VP — even though most people believe it will be Julian Castro. But that would be too inconvenient for the conspiracy theorists, so.

2 thoughts on “Bashing Bernie

  1. Who was it who said that the bad thing about democracy is that people get the government they deserve?

    With enough misogynists shoveling crap, we can too get another 4, 8, 12, forever years of misogynists-screwing-everyone-but-hey-at-least-they’re-not-wimmin!

    (God, I already hate this election cycle with the fire of a thousands suns.)

  2. Hillary or O’Malley or Koch-suckers, the perpetrators are corporate shills afraid that the 99% will take back the party. Bernie’s running a fact-based campaign. Anyone running attack ad on him is immediately seen as the bad guy. It’s obvious they got nuthin’ but Rethug rhetoric to bring to the conversation. If Hillary wins, so be it. I’ll vote for her because the alternative is too horrific to contemplate.

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