3 thoughts on “Operation Chaos 2016

  1. Of course, “Obviously, Limbaugh’s ‘strategery’ (a favorite word of his) did not turn out as planned . . . .” and the same “strategery” might just backfire this time as well — Sanders could surprise the pundits and win both the primary and the general.

  2. LImberger’s strategy is to get himself noticed in an effort to keep his few remaining sponsors.

  3. I lived in Texas in ’92 when the R’s ticket was pretty uncontested, and lots of R’s made a point to vote in the Dem’s primary for Bill Clinton, in order to get the most conservative, and supposedly weakest candidate (because of the skirt chasing allegations) on the ticket. I don’t remember what I hated about Bill so much back then, but I regarded him pretty much the way I regard Obama now (traitor). We know how that worked out.
    I was also in Texas in ’08 in a very heavily Republican precinct, and I came out for Hillary in both the caucus and the primary. There were LOADS of angry Republicans out there for Obama. The folks who’d been around a long time said that was by far and away the largest turn out for a Dem vote they had ever seen, and it was all because of Republicans out to stop Hillary, not starry eyed young O’bots.
    If the R’s push Bernie over the finish line, so much the better for when their heads explode about helping an actual socialist into the Whitehouse.
    I’m tired of voting for the slightly less shitty of the shit-on-shit sandwiches (Hillary, Biden, Edwards, O’Malley…). It would be nice to vote for someone I really want to win.

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