6 thoughts on “Chris Christie for president!

  1. Well I expect nothing less. A disturbing guy, with a disturbingly violent temper, with a penchant for retribution, from a party which glorifies violent retribution, much like other notorious terrorist groups, as a religious practice.

  2. It reminds me of the episode of Strangers with Candy where Jerry Blank was upset that the bullies were going to slut shame her (I think it was going to be at the jazz band performance, where Jerry played scat). Mr Noblet told her to own it and take the air out of their sails. So right before they were going to do their slutshaming, she had a big banner unfurl that said “Jerry Blank is a slut”.
    Seriously, if anyone else had made this one, this would be called a really nasty attack ad. Are we sure this group is legit and not some front group that did this as a hoax? Where is the long version?
    And this guy was a US attorney. I doubt he was atypical of US attorney appointees. These are the people who rule us.

  3. OK, so I found the long version, and it is nothing like this. Just the normal pukey campaign stuff. Puras LIES.

  4. It’s not from Christie’s campaign, but it is made from parts of the longer version, as per the attached info:

    “Published on Jun 29, 2015
    “Chris Christie’s first ad as a Presidential candidate was great, but at two minutes, it was a tad long. I shortened it to save you time by leaving only the key aspects of the video.”

    It’s perfect, though!

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