It ain’t exactly Tornado Alley

But damn, tornadoes are becoming a lot more frequent around here than they used to be. I was getting acupuncture treatment for a severe tension headache, which normally involves kicking back in a lounge chair for an hour while schlocky New Age “music” plays in the background. Instead, I had mixed emotions: High winds, rain and hail hitting the roof drowned out the “music,” but I had to watch the trees through the back window bend almost in half. (I’ve had more relaxing treatments.)

So this particular line of storms did generate a funnel cloud and knocked out power to a small town in Chester County, whose officials had to declare a state of emergency.

Fuck ’em, they’re Republicans. (Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say that out loud?) No, seriously, I have very little patience left for the people who kept empowering the global warming deniers. It might already be too late.

One thought on “It ain’t exactly Tornado Alley

  1. It’s too late IMO. We’re toast. Last night I went out to fetch one of the kitties inside and the moon was orange. This was at midnight well after it had risen. This morning the Weather Channel said people were reporting the sun was unusually orange and there is an orange haze here. Weather Channel said it’s actually a result of western wildfires creating the atmospheric haze and it has moved all the way here to – Atlanta.

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