Because men must have their guns

leyton mcnabb

A little boy can’t even watch the frickin’ fireworks in peace:

COUNCIL BLUFFS — Jim Riddle couldn’t figure out why his 7-year-old grandson wouldn’t come back outside to watch the neighborhood fireworks show.

It was about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, and Riddle’s grandson, Leyton McNabb, was nowhere to be found as the fun was getting started.

“It was like we had front-row seats,” said Riddle. “Then, my wife started screaming.”

Riddle rushed inside, and saw that Leyton, who will be a second-grader at Franklin Elementary School, was bleeding from his right shoulder. Patricia Riddle tried to stop the bleeding using a dish towel, thinking the boy had been struck by fireworks. But upon closer examination, the startled grandparents realized Leyton had been hit by a bullet.

3 thoughts on “Because men must have their guns

  1. “The gun was only responsible for the upward trajectory, gravity caused that bullet to hit the kid.” Wayne LaP

  2. I used to live in a house on a couple of heavily wooded acres – so it wasn’t always seen from the street. On a couple of occasions some yahoos decided to unload in my direction even though discharging firearms was illegal in that neighborhood. My Weber grill had a dent in it from a bullet. Stupid yahoos (yeah I live in the South).

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