Speaking of Pluto

Pluto vol. 1I studied what is called evolutionary astrology, epitomized by the seminal books on Pluto written by Jeffrey Wolf Green back in the ’80s. (I think they’re out of print now.) I take them out every five years or so and read them in light of my more recent life experiences; they’re just fascinating.

Although he doesn’t refer to it in his books, I read elsewhere that Jeff (a former Buddhist monk) channeled all his Pluto material. The books are pretty wild, it wouldn’t surprise me.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Pluto

  1. How is it different from (plain) astrology?
    I am of 2 minds reg astrology – not sure if it is for real. Can you suggest some good reading materials?

  2. It’s based on reincarnation and what you carry from each life — basically, your soul purpose. The rest is practical astrology. I’m more interested in esoteric astrology. I suggest you browse Amazon’s astrology selection and see what appeals to you — or check your local library.

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