Little Ricky compares gay marriage to Dred Scott

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Penn., compared gay marriage laws to a Supreme Court ruling upholding slavery during a GOP candidate forum Thursday night. Asked if the matter was settled after a recent Supreme Court ruling on LGBT rights, Santorum said, “It is not, any more than Dred Scott was settled law to Abraham Lincoln. … This…

2 thoughts on “Little Ricky compares gay marriage to Dred Scott

  1. Did little Ricky ever reimburse the government for his kids’ fraudulent tuition bills?

  2. “Marriage is no longer about kids, it’s simply about adults,”…..disappearing all hetero couples who marry and decide not to – or can’t – have kids. Silly me I thought it was about love between adults, or possibly economic reasons which is perfectly valid as well. It’s nobody’s business why anyone else gets married!

    Truth is the whole construct of marriage is a head scratcher to me. I don’t understand how gay marriages can have “profound consequences” – I’ve never heard anyone say how exactly that would play out. Or any journalist ask these bozos.

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