Trash collection

Philly Trash Truck

Some (racist) people make comments around here about the “overpaid” trash collectors. I don’t! First of all, they don’t make a lot. But the yahoos around here never saw a city function they weren’t eager to privatize.

My rule of thumb is, don’t look down on anyone who does a job you wouldn’t want to do. I appreciate these guys.

And having a reporter go out and do their job for a few hours is a good idea.

2 thoughts on “Trash collection

  1. Hmm, a pay scale approximately equal to intro-level airline pilots and senior-level public school teachers. It seems a pittance is always too much for people critical to the lives and well being of the community.

  2. yep. And I would also add this to the check list : what happens if the job is not done? That should be an important factor in determining pay. Some people realise the value of garbage collection only when it is not done. Somewhat like the much maligned household work. We can always get along without the paper pushers/keyboard punchers on Wall Street.

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