It’s hard for me to gauge whether most readers listen to the music videos (and whether they’re worth the trouble). So here are some questions for you to answer in the comments:

1) How many videos do you click on and listen to in the average week, including weekends?

2) How often do you click on a video featuring an artist whose name you don’t recognize?

3) Do you like to hear newer music in addition to oldies?

4) Any suggestions?

10 thoughts on “Survey

  1. I think I listen to about 10 or so. sometimes I listen to more as the videos often lead to further expositions of the artist’s works
    I do click on ‘unknown’ artists.
    Yes, newer is good too.
    No, I think you do a good job.
    Thanks for all your efforts.

  2. Most of the music you post lies outside of my normal range of interest (classical, opera, musical theater, Quebecois folk, mostly), but I do take note of the artists you pick, because I believe that you have informed and catholic tastes.

    The last piece that I clicked on was The Box Tops’ The Letter, which I couldn’t keep out of my head for about a week. What an oddly perfect little ditty, just so long as Joe Cocker isn’t singing it.

    I should make it a point to click on at least one piece per day — I might learn something. In fact, I hereby resolve to do just that from now on.

  3. I’m here for your world-class reporting, so I almost never listen to the music. I’ve actually often wished the music posts were somehow identified or tagged so it was possible to filter them out. But I’m also pretty sure I’m very much in the minority on this.

  4. I click on almost all.
    I do click on artists I don’t know. That’s most of the fun.
    I have no objection to newer. I trust your tastes.
    More an observation than a suggestion, I often continue listening to an artist I like using the suggestions at the end of the video. Ended up listening to the Talking Heads for half an hour recently.

  5. 1. I click on nearly all of the videos.

    2. I click on every video where I don’t recognize the name. Our tastes in music are very similar, so I trust that what ever you put up will not suck. Over the years, you have turned me on to some great music. Thank You!

    3. I like a balance of newer and older music.

    4. A vote to keep to doin’ what your doin’. And a shout out to Boohunney for the Happy Hour selections.

  6. 1. I don’t keep track, but if I were to estimate, maybe 6 to 10 a week, sometimes more, maybe sometimes less. (Is that wishy-washy enough?)
    2. I often click on artists I’ve never heard, because I like to force myself out of my usual nest of music, which is eclectic anyway, but you have the line on more pop and rock and even old folk than I. Often I am quite gratified and entertained, and then go listen to more of the same artist. Sometimes I buy the piece on iTunes. Or listen to it on youtube. And because I heard it here first!
    3. Yes!
    4. I love your blog for the deep, insightful, sometimes off-beat news AND the deep, insightful, sometimes off-beat music. What a great combo. I admire how much effort this must be for you, but you know? I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates what you do. Maybe we don’t communicate this enough to you.

  7. How many I listen depends upon work schedule, whether I am on the road and my granddaughter, who shares what was my office and uses it as her bedroom. I normally listen to 10-15 per week. I particularly like new stuff and old jazz.

  8. 1. Every so often. You have “interesting” tastes. For a minute there, I thought that Joni Mitchell had passed away, you were posting so many of her songs. I just clicked on and listened to your John Hiatt selection yesterday.
    2. Almost always. You do come up with some I’ve never heard of.
    3. Of course. New music is the music as far as I’m concerned. The oldies are not that interesting.
    4. Keep on posting your music tastes. Everybody has their own (music tastes that is) and someone is sure to like some of the things you post, as I and all your other readers do.

  9. Some days I click on 3-4 videos, then I’ll go a few days without hitting anything. You find some forgotten gems, some interesting performances (not the commonly played version) and some tunes I’m unfamiliar with as well. I enjoy the respite from documenting the political clown show.

  10. 1. 0.25 x per week

    2. 0.125 x per week

    3. Of the two choices? Prefer new–but instrumental or new classical.

    4. I’d suggest music video curation isn’t worth the trouble. I cut down my blog visits here dramatically when the original content slowed to a trickle. I’m not saying you’re obligated to return to that; I could never do what you used to, and am amazed that you could keep at it for as long as you did. But without that My eyes are not drawn to the blog. Suburban DJ? No thanks, music is everywhere now.

    5. Sorry.

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