3 thoughts on “Rape culture

  1. Sexual exploration is normal among teens, but this culture of blasé sexual exploitation is mind boggling.

  2. Also “aspiring divinity student”!? Must be a conservative-Xtian Duggar follower. You know, the ones occupying the moral ‘high ground.’

  3. Many of the major issues confronting this country today stem from the early theories relating to Divine Order which laid out the idea that the indigenous people of this land, or any land for that matter, was divinely granted to the white race.

    There are historical confrontations that give credence to the idea of white superiority (the Crusades, for instance) that continue to raise havoc around the world.

    The whole idea of this country’s creed that “All men are created equal” was and is hypocritical on its’ face. The very idea has proven the fabric of the original statement to be a lie.

    And while idiots like Trump, Obama, Clinton, et.al. don’t face the music, there’s a drumbeat looming from a generation they never expected to object. Soon, the planet Earth herself, not to mention the survivors of the greed, the inequality, the makers of fake “laws”, i.e. the “supreme” courts, will face the blowback from people, and every living thing. This isn’t religious, this is written revelation in most books that refer to a Supreme Being: at some point life on this planet will have to start anew. Even the dead will rise and witness the renewal. AMEN!

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