3 thoughts on “State Dept. spokesman to CNN: Hillary Clinton ‘was not violating policy’ with email

  1. Thanks for this, Susan. Former Secretary of State Clinton is hardly my “ideal” candidate-I’d go with Sanders, if I could have my druthers-but the crap about her e-mails is crap. I hope she can wait it out, testify in October, and cut through the crap.

    And while I liked Joe Biden well enough the day before yesterday, I like him a lot less now. He is thinking to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS CRAP to advance his own ambitions, instead of calling it crap. Do I now think Joe Biden is “honest and trustworthy”? Not anymore.

  2. Joe Biden lost me with the Anita Hill hearings. Sanders hasn’t done anything so far and won’t if he’s elected. He could also easily lose to Trump.

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