Luntz: ‘Legs are shaking’ at the support for Donald Trump

Frank Luntz and the establishment Republicans are still in a tailspin over the immense support the Republican party base is giving Donald Trump. Luntz conducted another focus group and came away with a Chris Matthews-type reaction after it ended. At the end of the session, the vast majority said they liked Trump more than when they…

3 thoughts on “Luntz: ‘Legs are shaking’ at the support for Donald Trump

  1. Sad thing is, the woman is right. She has been lied to. The country is going to the sweltering polluted breadline in a handbasket.

    The only thing she doesn’t want to grasp is why. And besides, having some authority figure point out people smaller than you to beat up is so much fun.

  2. Another step in the rise of American fascism.
    I wonder if the Koch Bros will align themselves with The Donald.
    (Or vice versa.)

  3. Anyone with any common sense who intends to vote in ’16 will either vote for frump, Joe Biden, Hill, or commit suicide. frump’s slogan “make America great again” tells it all. Who the fuck is he talking to? It’s an alternative to the tea parties’ “let’s take our country back”.

    The impending race war being initiated by the extremist in our country is at an extremely dangerous point in our history. Shit, Mexico might be a safer place to live in the next 10/20 years!

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