Anita Hill: Biden did a ‘terrible job’ on confirmation hearing

I am amazed to find the number of women I’ve talked to this week who still remember this — and still hold a grudge. Via Talking Points Memo:

Anita Hill, the woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, on Thursday said that as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Vice President Joe Biden did a “terrible job” overseeing Thomas’ confirmation hearings in 1991.

Hill said on HuffPost Live that Biden failed to call witnesses and experts to testify who could have shed light on the sexual harassment claims made about Thomas.

“I think he did two things that were a disservice to me, that were a disservice more importantly to the public,” Hill said. “There were three women who were ready and waiting and and subpoenaed to be giving testimony about similar behavior that they had experienced or witnessed. He failed to call them.”

5 thoughts on “Anita Hill: Biden did a ‘terrible job’ on confirmation hearing

  1. I wonder what his motivation was. Thomas’ inexcusable confirmation is one of the greatest travesties of American political history.

  2. Yeah, we don’t know where the pressure to confirm Thomas was coming from. Remember too, Ted Kennedy was another prominent member of the committee, yet Thomas The Idiot was still confirmed. Can we dig up more recent dirt on JOE?

  3. I had forgotten about that. Clarence Thomas is the biggest joke of all in a Supreme Court containing several. That Thomas is on the court only because of Biden’s ineptness would only give me yet another reason to dislike Joe Biden, if he really is to blame.

    I couldn’t possibly find Thomas any more disgusting than I already do, or consider his version of “justice” any more repugnant. He and his wife can go F**k themselves. Just not on the taxpayers dime, thank you. They should go suck up to some billionaires instead, just as they always have when deciding cases.

  4. I sincerely doubt either Biden or Kennedy felt that what Thomas did was “bad enough” to make him ineligible for SCOTUS. I also have to wonder what on earth is prompting Biden to try another run this time….hmmmm…..what could it be? For that matter – why is Sanders running all of a sudden after all these years?

  5. Sanders is running because he knows the only way to get progressive, democratically progressive, ideas even mentioned by the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) is to make a run for the presidency. Also, given the lack of any progressive economics coming from the putative Democratic White House and from the many Corporatist Dems in Congress, he has to DO SOMETHING to get Hillary to at least pay attention to the non-One Percenters.

    Re: Anita Hills’ comment — Those hearings seared into my mind the extent of sexism in this nation. All those awkward times when stupid, ugly comments were made as if it were totally acceptable in the work place were made WRONG by this brave woman’s willingness to testify against Clarence Thomas. It created a means for women to talk about this crap being done to them, said about them, etc.

    Her appearance was stunning and revelatory to not only women but to men as well.

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