Report: Women ‘cry with joy’ watching The Donald

WTF is wrong with these people?

Donald Trump spoke to a packed house in Dallas, saying he’ll replace Obamacare with “Donaldcare” as women “wept”. Chants of ‘USA! USA! USA!’ rang out even as a small group of immigrants’ rights protesters demonstrated outside. ‘We have to build a wall, folks,’ he said to a crescendo of cheers. ‘We have to build a wall.…

3 thoughts on “Report: Women ‘cry with joy’ watching The Donald

  1. Ooooh, a true charismatic leader — a fair-haired boy — to save our sorry asses!

    Where do I sign up?

  2. She didn’t want to give her name, but she’s “very proud to be there.”

    That’s somewhere up there with “Keep the gubmint off my Medicare!”

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