I am my own guinea pig

guinea pig

I can write a little bit, as long as I don’t sit up too long, so…

UPDATE Day 4: Again, got out of bed and walked normally. No pain.

So I have all these nagging health problems I attribute to screwed-up gut bacteria, from when I was on all those antibiotics for diverticulitis. When I started taking probiotics, I stopped getting diverticulitis, which is a very good thing.

But I still had other stuff (including the ever-growing list of food allergies) that bothered me, and I’ve been researching away to try to find solutions. In several places, I started seeing one brand of super probiotics mentioned, and the people who used them had really good things to say.

An inventor came up with a process that amps up the number of strains and amount of CPUs in these probiotics, to the point where we’re talking trillions. (Seems like a good idea.) And he also says that you shouldn’t have to take daily probiotics — that an occasional reset should be all that’s needed after antibiotics or other stresses. That interested me, because it made sense.

I had to wait until I could spare $40 to get them, but I ordered them and they arrived Saturday. I took my first dose the morning of the accident, then yesterday and today.

Here’s what I noticed today: I’m walking around without pain. As in, my knees and ankles didn’t hurt. When I got out of bed, I just started walking, like a normal person.

Now, I do have occasional days when the pain isn’t bad, but never like this. So I am hopeful that this experiment has long-term beneficial results.

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  1. I’d love to know what brand that is. Also, will send a little help for
    wheels when I get to a CC safe computer.

  2. Please update us regarding the full 6-day regime.
    This sounds almost too good to be true.

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