Cops shoot, kill six-year-old boy


A 6-year-old boy died late Monday in Marksville, Louisiana, after a high-speed chase involving the police and his father ended with gunfire. The boy’s father, Chris Few, was fleeing authorities after he backed his car into a city marshal’s vehicle, according to Avoyelles Today and The Town Talk, two local publications. The authorities pursued Few, caught…

4 thoughts on “Cops shoot, kill six-year-old boy

  1. If that kid had had a gun, he could have protected himself.
    Since he didn’t, the poor little guy didn’t have a fighting chance.

  2. We must not speak of such things lest we contribute to the war on police. Besides, I’m saving all of my rhetorical ammo for the war on xmas

  3. A passer-by? That’s pretty lame. I wonder if this was another meth-head endangering his kid. Nonetheless, a high-speed chase for what? A smashed fender? Surely they could have seen the kid in the car (and he should have been in the back seat at 6 years of age!).

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