cracker barrel

A man can’t even go to the Cracker Barrel without a gun? It’s getting to the point where no place is safe, isn’t it?

Another day, another good guy with a gun accidentally dropping his gun and accidentally shooting several people. This time it was at a Florida Cracker Barrel, where patrons were enjoying their Sunday morning breakfast when BAM! A fellow patron’s gun fell out of his holster:

Deputies said the weapon fell out of the gun owner’s holster while he was walking through the dining room of the Cracker Barrel in Sanford.

Deputies said William Hoback was talking to the checkout counter when his gun slipped out of his holster and fired.

The bullet hit a kettle, which sent fragments flying.

5 thoughts on “Oops

  1. So the idjit didn’t have it securely strapped in his holster, apparently didn’t have the safety on aaaand he probably didn’t have a permit…..but that didn’t rise to the level of negligence?

    There is a local BBQ here in Hooterville where I live and they sell guns and knives directly from the dining room. There is a huge table literally heaped with guns. I had to go there once with out-of-town relatives but never again. All I could think was how creepy and maybe a massacre could happen to me there.

  2. I would not voluntarily go anywhere that I considered so unsafe that I needed a gun. “What’s that, honey? Cracker Barrel for Sunday breakfast? Sounds nice, but we may have to shoot our way out of there!”

    This isn’t about personal safety, but I have no idea what it’s really about.

  3. Now if the Cracker Barrel had been full of gun toters this surely would have turned out a lot better!

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