N.J. lawmakers takes action on surprise out-of-network medical costs

Yepper. A lot of people are getting screwed with these charges now:

TRENTON — A state Assembly committee Monday approved legislation that would prevent consumers from getting surprise out-of-network medical bills that can saddle them with huge bills. The measure would require hospitals and doctors to disclose whether they are part of a person’s insurance network before treatment occurs. The bill was praised by consumer advocates and picked…

2 thoughts on “N.J. lawmakers takes action on surprise out-of-network medical costs

  1. Insurance companies are having a field day with our new health care system. The one DINO’s in the Senate were kind enough to implement for Republicans.

  2. Not a lot of good this does. Now instead of a surprise colonoscopy you get this little bit of disclosure telling you to bend over and grab your ankles first. It’s like with all those violations of the foreclosure laws after the last real estate bust. Now when you buy a house , if you read the documents like I did, you find out that allowing all those abuses is now a condition of getting your loan, and if you walk away from the deal you also walk away from your five or ten grand deposit.

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