‘Me too!’

Marco Rubio, Ben Carson & Ted Cruz

It’s hard to say who’s more looney tunes:

Not content with Donald Trump having all the attention for his latest string of bigoted statements, Ben Carson told CNN today that he too saw footage of Muslim residents of New Jersey celebrating the 9/11 attacks:

Trump did get back up from his primary opponent Ben Carson, who told reporters gathered in Nevada that he did see celebrations of American Muslims in New Jersey after 9/11.

“I saw the film of it, yes,” he said. Asked what kind of film, he said: “The news reels.”

“There are going to be people who respond inappropriately to events like that. I think that was an inappropriate response I don’t know if on the basis on that you can say all Muslims are bad people,” Carson said.

2 thoughts on “‘Me too!’

  1. The MOST insane shit is coming out of the Reich-wing candidates for Dictator. I will absolutely mess myself, if any of the nightly news readers mentions calls them on it.

  2. I remember what my son told me about his African-American Muslim classmate, Fatima, who proudly wore her hijab to school every day before September 11th. On that day, her mother told her never to wear her hijab anywhere but in their mosque.

    I was shocked. I told my son-he was twelve-that Fatima’s mother was wrong. Americans would never EVER blame innocent Muslims for something a handful of fanatics did.

    I was a tad naive, don’t you think? Fatima’s mother was right! And how sad I am to say so.

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