Theological student Erick Erickson on gun control

Erick Erickson Scolds Young Conservatives For Treating CPAC Like Spring Break

Even though America is averaging one mass shooting a day, and no matter how many Americans get massacred by automatic weapons, conservatives will never admit that having unfettered access to all types of assault weapons is insane. They write and discuss these issues as if having rapid firing AK15’s is not only legal, but beautiful. Theā€¦

One thought on “Theological student Erick Erickson on gun control

  1. Looks like pencil holes poked in the paper to me, but what do I know, I’ve only been handling firearms twice as long as that puke has been alive.

    Not to mention that while I live in the badlands of the Oregon High Desert I am not with out resources, I do know a little about New York City, and have a degree of confidence that capping off five or six rounds in the living room of a tony downtown Manhattan condo will land the shooter’s fat ass in jail, regardless the color of its skin or the perceived prominence of its employer.

    In short, Erick Erickson is a liar.

    Yes “it”.

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