Dear media: You’re the daddy, and he looks just like you!

This is the part that drives me absolutely bonkers about media types tsk-tsking over Donald Trump: What the fuck did you expect? Here we are, a blog devoted to calling out the media. For more than ten years, we’ve pointed out the dangers of their indifference, their willingness to perpetuate “both sides do it” and on-the-other-handism.…

One thought on “Dear media: You’re the daddy, and he looks just like you!

  1. I would go further to accuse Fox News and hate radio for radicalizing people who would otherwise be fairly normal. I’ve watched my Fox-watching mother get more and more racist as the years go by. When Paris happened, she said “Have you seen that? And it’s going to come here!” She is literally scared sitting in her huge lounge chair in the TV room every day (she’s 85).

    Don’t get me started on my brother – the “Libertarian” who does Civil War reenactments. He listens to Neil Borscht or whoever that asswipe is and Limpballs and only recently gave up Alex Jones for being too whacky. He thinks Hillary is Evil Personified. GAH

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