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Yeah, this is not really news to anyone who’s been paying attention:

People on social media are denouncing the right-wing opposition for being behind a U.S.-backed economic war on Venezuela.

In 1970, U.S. President Richard Nixon ordered the CIA to make the “Chilean economy scream,” a conspiracy to overthrow the first democratically elected socialist government of Latin America that was accompanied by disappearing basic products from the shelves of stores across the country.

The same plan was implemented against Venezuela. And the fact that after the Dec. 6 victory of the right-wing opposition, according to many social media users in Venezuela, basic products are beginning to appear in stores throughout the South American nation, suggests that the right-wing opposition, backed by the U.S., implemented the same plan. And as it happened in Chile after the CIA-backed coup and murder of socialist President Salvador Allende Sep. 11, 1973, basic products have begun to appear on the shelves of stores in Venezuela.

Through social media, people in Venezuela have begun to denounce the suspicious reappearance of some staple goods in some markets following the Dec. 6 elections.

[..] The social media users have indicated that the sudden reappearance of these goods and the fact that they have expired dates on them expose that there have been no issues with production, but rather with distribution, which many right-wing business people control.