Why the data breach is a big deal

Yes, the conspiracy theories are ramping up: But this was an unforced error on the part of the Sanders campaign, and it’s a serious one. Because it cost them access to their database on the heels of a massive donation surge — and the weekend of the Democratic debate. This is exactly the sort of frat-boy…

6 thoughts on “Why the data breach is a big deal

  1. An odd turn of phrase, not “only one campaign accessed data it shouldn’t have” but “only one campaign took actions that could possibly have led to it retaining data to which it should not have had access.”

    So no word on whether any staffers from any other campaigns had access to the Sanders data.

    Sanders is moving quickly, which is good. The IT staffer involved has been fired, rightly so. The other staffers have had their email accounts frozen pending further investigation.

    It was pretty dumb of the IT staffer. My guess is that he said “hey, guys — the firewall is down and I can access the Clinton Data. Can you?” And if they did (and it wasn’t just the IT staffer seeing whether he could access it through other accounts), then yes, they should be fired too.

    The DNC should quickly restore access for the Sanders campaign to access Sander’s data though, now that the firewall has been “fixed.”

  2. Finally, a ‘Dem’ scandal for the media. Sanders kills on donations, gets a BIG endorsement, and coincidentally gets shit on by the DNC. Coincidence? Really?

  3. Sorry Ron – not buying the DNC did this. Bernie’s staff did this and did this to themselves. Nobody forced them to do it and they knew it was illegal and unethical. My company forces us to take copious Compliance and Ethics courses every year – if you get caught cheating you and your company will go down. That’s the law.

  4. I think that most people have trouble imagining how much pressure there is on high-profile campaigns to do unethical and illegal things. Don’t confuse the people running his campaign with Bernie, they’re ruthless.

  5. I contacted three or four data directors after it happened to see if the DNC was overreacting. One said unequivocally that it was an obvious data theft, another told me the Sanders people would have had to be monitoring the system to exploit the breach, it wouldn’t have been obvious enough to users. All of them told me it was shady and that the campaign’s explanations were mostly lies. I agree; you don’t walk into a neighbor’s house to leave a note saying the door was open, then also rummage through their underwear drawer, nightstand and medicine cabinet. If anything, the DNC let them off with a slap on the wrist. And the reason Bernie dropped the suit was because the judge would have had to order the system shut down for two weeks, not because he “won” on his case.

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