Mississippi River is about to have a record flood


The Mississippi River is flooding in a big way right now, at the wrong time of year, and is forecasted to match or break 22-year-old crest records over the next few days. Meteorologists are calling it “insane.” Over the next three to four days, the Mississippi is predicted to reach a crest height of 49.7 feet…

2 thoughts on “Mississippi River is about to have a record flood

  1. We can all blame Big Oil for these weather anomalies.
    Wonder which presidential candidates, both Republican and Democrat, are taking campaign cash from Big Oil?

  2. Animal agriculture is another huge contributor to climate change. And a big contributor to politicians as well. Follow the money, its the one thing the runs uphill. Also, see ‘Cow-spiracy’ for more info on how much the factory farms are destroying the planet.

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