Call the wahhhmbulance!

Members of the armed anti-government group occupying a federal building near Burns, Oregon, are upset over the treatment they’re getting compared to the Black Lives Matter protesters. The image below documents a SWAT team ready to confront Black Lives Matter protesters. We just thought we’d use that image to show the stupidity of the militia member’s…

6 thoughts on “Call the wahhhmbulance!

  1. Could these guys be more ridiculous? They want to use the USPS to get food from supporters…..hahahahahahahahaha

  2. The grazing rights issue is a big deal. Ranchers already pay far below fair market value for grazing leases on government land. Now these nitwits want to suck that teat for free. They’re already heavily subsidized by the taxpayers. If they paid full price for their land use, Mickey D would be charging ten bucks for a Big Mac.
    It’s not about patriotism, it’s about stealing even more from the rest of us. Now they’re doing it at gunpoint rather than in congress.

  3. This is another Koch brothers operation.
    How fast do you think this land would end up in private hands if the federal government (we the people) were to give it back to state and local entities?
    We’d see drilling, mining, hotels, motels, eateries and all manner of other environmental destruction.

  4. Doesn’t Mickey D. get its beef from the Amazon rain forest?
    (No, not Jeff Bezos’ Amazon. The smaller one in Brazil that doesn’t offer 2-day shipping.)

  5. Irony seems to be lost, as what little bit of food they have appears to be a standard food box from the local food pantry.

    Someone is chuckling in their beard.

    This is my backyard, and we’re all just a little tired of all the attention.

  6. Personally, I hope they are carted off to the Big House. There is no association of their complaints viv-a-vis the Black Lives Matter movement!

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