Sanders takes his war on big banks to NYC

“Break them up! Break them up!” A crowd of more than 1,500 New Yorkers bellowed to the ornate rafters of the historic Town Hall theater Tuesday as they waited for Bernie Sanders to bring his bank-busting show to Broadway and the beating heart of Greed City. Sanders came to New York promising to send a message…

3 thoughts on “Sanders takes his war on big banks to NYC

  1. Sanders has taken exactly zero dollars from the Big Banks.
    Hillary has taken:
    Citigroup $825,000
    Goldman Sachs $760,000
    JP Morgan $700,000
    Morgan Stanley $637,000
    Lehman Bros $365,000
    Credit Suisse Grp $320,000
    That’s a lot of money: $3 million 6 hundred and 7 thousand dollars.
    Wonder what the banks will want for their money?

  2. The banks don’t want any quid pro quo for their $3 million.
    They are just trying to promote good government.

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