Some questions about Bernie Sanders’ healthcare plan

The latest dustup between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is taking place over health care policy. It’s been building for awhile, and spilled onto the national stage when Chelsea Clinton made some remarks claiming that Bernie was going to repeal the ACA, CHiP, and parts of Medicare in order to implement single payer health care. Chelsea’s…

5 thoughts on “Some questions about Bernie Sanders’ healthcare plan

  1. There better be an alternate concept waiting in the wings because sooner or later the lack of cost controls in a delivery system that mandates purchase of private insurance in a self concentrating market will bring the inflation problem right back to the run away conditions preceding the ACA.

  2. ??? There are many built-in cost controls built into the ACA. I don’t agree with them all, but I do see what they’re trying to do re: cost curve.

  3. Clintons plan is a joke compared to Bernies. The involvement of private insurers is disgusting. Why are shareholders, who have nothing to do with medicine, profiting off of people’s health. Obama passed some decent legislation that helped a large number of people, but Bernies plan will do a lot more. As a Scottish – American who has used the NHL, I know we can do better, much better.

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