If Dr. King looked beyond the grave, he’d be disappointed


When I was first cutting my teeth in the newspaper business, my editors sent me out on “house ends,” visits to homes where I would interview families of interest because something very bad of interest had happened to them. It was the late 1960s and many of these house ends were the result of the death…

2 thoughts on “If Dr. King looked beyond the grave, he’d be disappointed

  1. Harry Truman called Kings march on Selma “silly” among our things.
    The logic outcome to Nixon’s southern strategy is the vile, militant and racist Republican party that we see today.
    And the FOX War Network makes millions of dollars by pandering to these beasts.

  2. trying to protect the crumbling facade of a political party that is being washed away by an unstoppable demographic tide.

    Would that it were. The putrid condition of state governance nation wide and the composition of the House makes me fear that the rumors of the GOP’s death are greatly exaggerated.

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