7 thoughts on “New job

  1. Congratulations and I read your piece.
    Which prompts me to say:
    I am a Jew, and us Jews have to stick together, so I’m voting for Bernie.
    Where is the flaw in my logic when seen through the prism of your piece?
    Again, congratulations. Especially on your raise.

  2. I heard about your new job when Fran mentioned it on The Professional Left Podcast. Congratulations! I bookmarked the new site.

    Read your article – not sure what to make of it. I’ve been rooting for President Bernie Sanders long before he decided to run. It’s not as if I dislike Hillary. If she wins the nomination I will certainly vote for her. But I really prefer Bernie.

    I am in the camp that wishes that Obama had been a liberal so the fact that Hillary is running to fill Obama’s third term makes the choice really easy.

  3. Fair enough.
    But there’s a hardcore group of female progressives who don’t treat her all that fairly either.
    I’m sure you’ve run into a few of those. I certainly have.

  4. Sweeet new gig. Congratulations Suze! BNR just got bumped up several slots in my internet queue. I hope they notice the extra views 8-D

  5. Congratulations and best wishes! I really appreciate your wide-ranging, thoughtful and informative work. I bookmarked BNR & enjoyed reading your latest posts.

  6. Congrats Susie! I’ve bookmarked the space.

    I’m a Jew for Bernie so that means what???? IM please go away again.

    Are they talking about Daou’s piece? I almost never comment at C&L because of the Hillary-Hate coming from Bernie supporters (90% young men). The misogyny there directed toward me if I confront them is basically an onslaught of the same kind of bullying they used in 2008.

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