Antonin Scalia

No murder conspiracy in Scalia’s death.

Before concluding that Scalia had died of natural causes, probably a heart attack, Guevara told The Associated Press, she had talked with Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez and a U.S. marshal, Ken Roberts, both of whom had seen the body and ruled out foul play. She also spoke with Scalia’s doctor, “Dr. Monahan,” she said, and he told her the Supreme Court justice had a history of heart trouble and high blood pressure, and had just been ruled too weak to undergo surgery for a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder.

4 thoughts on “Nope

  1. Here’s the facts.
    Obama dispatched a small group of Nigerian, socialist, assassins to stealthily enter Scalia’s room in the dead of night (so as not to be seen) and smother him in his sleep.
    Case closed.

  2. If he was in such poor physical condition, why did his doctor allow him to fly? Or didn’t he tell his doctor?
    And how does an old sedentary slug get a torn rotator cuff — by pitching for the Washington Nationals?

  3. I know it’s all bull, but it’s fun to speculate. I’m more interested in which Rethug SuperPac was footing the bill for his “hunting,” 50 year-old scotch, Mexican hookers, and blow posh get-away.

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