Cliven Bundy held without bail

Cliven Bundy

A Nevada rancher who was at the center of a dramatic standoff with federal authorities in 2014 is a flight risk and should be held without bail, an Oregon judge ruled Tuesday. Judge Janice Stewart’s ruling echoed the warnings of federal prosecutors who said Cliven Bundy might skip bail, hole up with armed supporters and hope…

4 thoughts on “Cliven Bundy held without bail

  1. This guy, his sons, and their friends should be under the jail and not in it.
    That should eliminate quite a few Koch hired hands and Republican voters.

  2. Where are the tax charges? Those carry a longer sentence, should be easy to prove and don’t require trying to sight down Cliven’s gun retroactively.

  3. Sentences for tax fraud are a slap on the wrist. Besides who said he did tax fraud? Owing money to the govt won’t get you in jail unless ther e was fraud. Or maybe like student loans where a private company can get federal marshals to put you in prison but that is more about the government being an arm if of the corporation.

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