Republicans for Bernie in Nevada

It’s Nevada, it’s a caucus, and it’s got Sheldon Adelson in it. You think maybe that sets the table for some good old-fashioned Lee Atwater-style ratfcking? Sure it does. Jon Ralston: Below is an email sent to GOP folks, with a link to this post, by Nick Vander Poel, a Republican activist and former AFPer. It…

3 thoughts on “Republicans for Bernie in Nevada

  1. Open primaries need to be stopped too. I was intexas in 92 when all the republicans thought it would be a hoot to vote for the most conservative dem with a zipper problem, in the hopes of giving us the most unelectable candidate, and failing that , the dlc neo,liberalest one.
    Besides, open primaries violate the principal of freedom of association. Why does one party have to let members of its enemies parties vote on its nominee?

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