Fiji starts clean-up after cyclone devastation

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Fiji has launched a clean-up after the most powerful cyclone in the Pacific island-nation’s history left a trail of destruction, killing at least six people, destroying homes and damaging infrastructure. The storm struck the popular tourist destination overnight Saturday, packing wind gusts of 325km per hour, according to the UN humanitarian agency OCHA. OCHA said six…

One thought on “Fiji starts clean-up after cyclone devastation

  1. I’ve been there many times. I don’t know why it’s more shocking when you see flooded streets you know — in my case in the town of Nandi (or Nadi, depending on spelling). I’ve crossed the smallish river that overflowed its banks and drowned the town. I’ve walked into the stores now knee-deep in water.

    Fiji isn’t rich for sure, but they’re not as poor as some Pacific island countries. And the Fijians are very self-reliant and capable. Plus their current government is fairly good and competent and should be able to get emergency aid out. Probably not as well as it should, but better than some. So keeping figers crossed for Fiji!

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