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  1. Over the years Hillary has said lots of things that she’s later had to walk back.
    She’s also voted “Yes” on things that she later said were mistakes.
    Some people would call it evolution and others would call it a lack of judgement.
    One of her biggest voting mistakes was her “Yes” vote to go to war in Iraq. She now says that that was a mistake.
    Her original position on what Edward Snowden did was also a huge mistake.
    She said that Snowden had “stolen very important information that has fallen into the wrong hands.”
    That implied that Snowden was a traitor.
    Hillary has since softened her position on Snowden somewhat.
    Another disasterous vote by Hillary was her “Yes” vote to pass the Patriot Act.
    Unfortunately she continues to defend that vote.

  2. That the Clinton backed crime bill did not create mass incarceration is irrelevant – a straw man at best. It was an abysmal bill that did irreparable harm to millions of Americans all so that Clinton could show that he wasn’t some bleeding-heart liberal.
    And that harm was not evenly distributed – African-Americans have paid a heavy price for it.

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