John Oliver blasts Trump for 22 brutal minutes

And I loved every second!

John Oliver wailed away at Trump for almost the entirety of his show, finally coming up with this ‘novel strategy’ of taking Trump on: using his family’s real name Source: Washington Post Then Oliver offered a novel strategy for those who wish to battle Trump: refer to the candidate by “Drumpf,” what one biographer said the…

3 thoughts on “John Oliver blasts Trump for 22 brutal minutes

  1. You could run any Democrat against Trump or Rubio or Cruz in November and any Democrat would win.
    Any Democrat.
    Surely nobody believes that that’s a coincidence?

  2. (Um, John Oliver never wails. Well, once when he was talking about something 9/11 related. But that was on purpose. He whales away consistently and perfectly though.

    Autocorrect gets us all, most people much oftener than you!)

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