The governors’ ball

Chris Christie Town Hall Meeting

Is Chris Christie venal, nakedly ambitious, and a hypocrite who can turn on a dime? Why, of course he is!

And RWNJ Maine Governor Paul LaPage is just a nut:

Addressing a luncheon of Republican governors and donors in Washington on Feb. 19, he warned that Donald J. Trump’s increasingly likely nomination would be catastrophic, dooming the party in November. But Mr. Rove, the master strategist of George W. Bush’s campaigns, insisted it was not too late for them to stop Mr. Trump, according to three people present.

At a meeting of Republican governors the next morning, Paul R. LePage of Maine called for action. Seated at a long boardroom table at the Willard Hotel, he erupted in frustration over the state of the 2016 race, saying Mr. Trump’s nomination would deeply wound the Republican Party. Mr. LePage urged the governors to draft an open letter “to the people,” disavowing Mr. Trump and his divisive brand of politics.

The suggestion was not taken up. Since then, Mr. Trump has only gotten stronger, winning two more state contests and collecting the endorsement of Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

[…] On Friday, a few hours after Mr. Christie endorsed him, Mr. Trump collected support from a second governor, who in a radio interview said Mr. Trump could be “one of the greatest presidents.”

That governor was Paul LePage.

3 thoughts on “The governors’ ball

  1. The Republican Party is toast.
    It is kaput, ruined, done for, demolished, etc.
    Perhaps the Democratic Party doesn’t need to be destroyed, but it sure needs a gigantic makeover.
    The DLC and its members are a disgrace.
    The Congressional Black Caucus is an abomination.
    90% of the Party’s super-delegates are disreputable. And the Party should do away with the super-delegate system entirely.
    The Party’s leadership is corrupt and vile.
    Other then that everything else is just ducky!

  2. I think it is way way too early to count out the r party. They are evil and they will coalesce around trumps fascism before they ever come around to moderating back towards sanity, much less centrist politics.

  3. Just to be solicitous of that sector of your readership with weak stomachs, could you kindly refrain from any juxtaposition of the word “naked” with the image of the engorged Governor of New Jersey.

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