The next primaries: Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Louisiana, Nebraska

Following Super Tuesday, five states will have their say in the 2016 presidential race on Saturday. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Ben Carson will continue their quest for the Republican nomination. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will battle for the Democratic nomination. Louisiana will hold the only primary. Both Democrats and Republicans…

2 thoughts on “The next primaries: Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Louisiana, Nebraska

  1. With the exception of Massachusetts, every other state that Hillary won yesterday will be won by the Republicans in November.
    In the Massachusetts tie (50% to 49%) the real loser was Elizebeth Warren.
    Now we move on to states that aren’t top heavy with aged black folks who are ready to blindly walk through the gates of hell for Hilllary.

  2. These caucuses have to go, they are a relic of a different political era. Last night at my precinct caucus in Minnesota we had 139 people sign in. There likely would have been more but the parking lot of the High School was parked full and folks had to walk in from the surrounding neighborhood several blocks away. It was cold. We had 99 people take a ballot, fill out the presidential preference, stuff it in the box and leave. There was zero comprehension that the vote was meaningless except as a straw poll. The Sanders victory projected last night at about 59-41 was the result of that beauty contest statewide. My precinct reported raw of 95 Sanders and 44 Hillary. Then with 40 people staying we got down to the real business of “electing” delegates to the district level convention.
    The precinct was allocated 19 delegates. After an explanation that the next convention would burn up all of Saturday April 2nd, we only had 21 interested in going. Two folks who were a little ambivalent signed the alternate sheet and “voila” the real business of picking the President was done with no one required to declare preference. Lest you suspect that precinct 3 was just too lazy to go through the rigors of an Iowa walking sub-caucus, the parking lot was almost empty when we exited the High School. We had taken longer than most other precincts. So my preference Sanders got the publicity for a sizable win in Minnesota, but so far as I know Martin O’Malley’s dark horse comeback started under the radar in Minnesota last night. Over worked folks racing home don’t have the time for this arcane, rules consumed nonsense eating up an evening.

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