Trump releases health care plan, promises to reinstate pre-existing conditions


Hold the presses! Donald Trump actually released a policy paper — sort of — on how he plans to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Remember all that crap in the last debate/town hall about pre-existing conditions out of Trump’s mouth? I was literally ranting on Twitter, because the way he said it sounded likeā€¦

5 thoughts on “Trump releases health care plan, promises to reinstate pre-existing conditions

  1. I am loving these ridiculous pictures of Trump – and hoping he goes down in the most spectacular way possible in the general. There is no way we could possibly choose him – right? Right???

  2. Forgetabout Trump, he and his plan are going nowhere.
    Bernie wants a single-payer, universal plan. Medicare for all.
    Hillary wanted that once. Now she wants step-by-step change.
    She wants to maintain the private insurance market and do away with Obama’s “Cadillac tax” on the 1%’s high cost plans.
    29 million people are still uninsured and deductibles of over $3000 for taxpayer subsidized coverage remain.
    Hillary is wrong on this issue and Bernie is right.
    Unless of course you are an establishment, incrementalist instead of a Progressive.

  3. Here’s how the sales across state lines plays out. The “insured” (ie Chump) buys the cheapest policy. It issues out of Mississippi. The Insurance Commissioner(if any) is an industry owned asset. The policy face sheet has nice boxes and summaries showing coverage for doctor visits and hospitalization but requires review of the Plan on file in Mississippi to determine coverage. The Plan document excludes pre-existing conditions, heart attack, cancer, stroke, diabetes and back pain. Chump has a heart attack and goes to the hospital. Much later the denial arrives. Because hospitals start failing all over the country for unpaid bills, the banruptcy code is amended to exclude medical bills. The hospital’s collection agency has Chump arrested for non-response to process. Chump gets furloughed on election day because he is a dependable Republican voter.

  4. I hope he puts out more “policy” papers (I doubt he will). The more people see, the more they’ll realize he IS the 1% and hate him and the Rethug brand all the more . . . if that’s at all possible.

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