Trump taps into economic anxiety over free trade

Many people don’t “get” Donald Trump’s appeal, ascribing it to his racist, xenophobic talk. But there is another factor, a very strong one, and we had best pay attention. Trump is tapping into an economic anxiety felt by many, many Americans. Our trade policies are at the root of this anxiety, and Trump knows it and…

3 thoughts on “Trump taps into economic anxiety over free trade

  1. How long after Hillary is elected will the TPP be approved and signed by her? Did you notice how carefully she worded her newfound campaign TPP opposition? Taking bets.

    And if you listen closely and wade through the bombast, Trump’s rhetoric on foreign policy outs Hillary as a neo-con, exceptionalist, interentionist, warmed-over cold warrior.

    “… it wasn’t until the George W. Bush presidency that the neocons became the dominant foreign policy force inside the GOP. They promptly proceeded to wreck his presidency by championing the war in Iraq. Today, having wrecked it, they are now threatening to bolt the GOP and support Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump for the presidency.” The National Iterest Feb 26, 2016

  2. Dozens of neocon Republicans said that they’d vote for Hillary and not for Trump if he won the nomination.
    Max Boot, Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Liz Cheney, Robert Kagan, Elliot Abrams and other neocons all signed a letter saying that yesterday.
    “I’m literally losing sleep over Donald Trump. She (Hillary) would be vastly preferable to Trump,” one said.
    “The only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton,” another said.
    All neocons (warmongers) agree on three principles:
    1. U.S. interventionism is a positive thing.
    2. That unquestioning and forceful defense of Israel is paramount.
    3. And that there is no doubt about the legitimacy of the U.S. role as the world’s policemen.
    The neocons would prefer to see as the next president:
    1. Kasich (a die-hard interventionist warmonger)
    2. Rubio
    3.Hillary (a trusted neocon interventionist. Iraq,Libya,Syria,Nicaragua)
    4. Cruz
    5. Trump
    6. Sanders (a die-hard peaceful negotiator)
    in that order.

  3. She’s “carefully” wording her opposition because the Obama administration is already pissed off that she opposed it, and she needs his help for the general election.

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