Thank you, Mitt

For a couple of months now I have argued with Verdelia that Mitt Romney has been sitting back, waiting for a brokered convention so that he has a shot of being the Republican nominee. Verdelia says I’ve been watching too much House of Cards. Maybe so, but Mitt stepped out last week to remind everybody that…

2 thoughts on “Thank you, Mitt

  1. I shared that observation over at No More Mr Nice months ago – that Willard would sit out the clown car and present himself to the convention as the “responsible” candidate – and again just last week – Willard has sat out the clown car and is making a play for a brokered convention – and I’ve never even watched House of Cards. Of course I was churlishly dismissed out of hand as some kind of low information conspiracy nut. The Clinton Derangement runs deep over there.

    Though I prefer Mad, the MS is for Master of Science.

    But you knew that đŸ˜‰

  2. Did you know that Bill Clinton appointed Donald Trump’s sister, Republican Maryanne Trump Barry, to the U.S. 3rd District Circuit Court of Appeals for the Mid-Atlantic Region?
    Now I’m not saying that the Mitt Romney brokered convention thing and the fact that Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party single-handedly is all tied together in order to assure Hillary becomes the next president.
    But man, there sure are a whole bunch of coincidences happening all at once.
    It is pretty other-worldly.


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