Joe Scarborough finally tells the truth

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough complained on Tuesday that the Republican Party was fracturing because it had advocated economic policies benefiting the richest Americans for the last 30 years with the promise that the wealth would “trickle down” to others — but it never did. “The problem with the Republican Party over the past 30 years is…

2 thoughts on “Joe Scarborough finally tells the truth

  1. Last week 54 billionaires flew their private jets into Sea Island, Georgia
    for a secret meeting. (The donor class.)
    The main item on their agenda was, “How to stop Trump.”
    Tim Cook-Apple, Elon Musk-Tesla, Larry Page-Google, Sean Parker-Facebook, Arthur Sulzberger-NYT, Ken Langone-Home Depot, Dan Wilkes-Cisco, Marlen Ricketts-Cubs, hedge fund billionaires Stan Druckenmiller, Robert Mercer and Philip Anschutz were all there.
    Many of the attendees were Democratic Party contributors and Hillary supporters. (Not a Bernie supporter in sight.)
    Aren’t we all getting a little bit sick and tired of a few dozen billionaires deciding amongst themselves which candidates “we the people” will vote for and who we will not?
    The Republican rank-and-file has decided to rebel against the establishment choice and unlike the Democrats they’ve decided to tell the donor class to go to hell.
    Us Democrats are stuck in the middle with her so far.

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