Lie down with dogs

Rise up with fleas.

Front-running GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is calling it a “great honor” to receive the endorsement of a Florida pastor who mocked the parents of children killed at Sandy Hook and claimed they were “actors.”

According to Media Matters, Trump’s campaign has allied itself with Hickory Hammock Baptist Church senior pastor Carl Gallups in an attempt to influence voters in the state prior to the March 15 primary.

The Christian leader opened a Trump rally in January, praising the candidate and leading the rally-goers in an opening prayer.

In an interview with World Net Daily, Gallups called the New York businessman “the anti-Obama.”

“He loves this nation and its heritage,” Gallups explained. “He’s the anti-Obama, he’s the opposite of Obama. And he’s commander in chief material, he has that kind of presence, and he’d be tough on our enemies.”