Bernie Sanders looks to flip superdelegates

After Tuesday night’s losses, the Sanders campaign is readjusting their strategy to include a hard look at wooing superdelegates as a way to close the delegate gap between Hillary Clinton and himself. According to POLITICO, the Sanders camp is concentrating on that strategy as a priority, along with aiming at Western states. But Sanders campaign aides…

8 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders looks to flip superdelegates

  1. Bernie is a superdelegate himself apparently. I suspect the lack of colleagues endorsing him bodes ill for any attempt at wooing superdelegates. But at least he’s dropped the campaign tactic of wooing only white voters.

  2. Ten Bears, I’ll agree that Repubs can shade into fascism at one end. The Donald, though, isn’t really a Repub. He’s just the fascism at the end, plain and simple. If he gets close to power, we can hope he’s as incompetent and useless as he seems to be, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s fascist. (Beat up protestors, target terrorists’ families, torture prisoners. The whole revolting nine yards.)

    Clinton, on the other hand, voted the same way as Sanders 93% of the time while they were both in the Senate. And she’s actually gotten more progressive legislation passed than he has (kids’ health insurance, assistance for foster teens, anti violence against women, etc., etc.) So if she’s Repub-lite, so is he.

    If that’s what you want to call it, fine. But remember that it really is not the same thing as fascism. And that it’s important to stay away from the jackboots, even as dress-up.

  3. quixote,

    Respectfully disagree that Clinton has passed more pogressive legislation than Sanders. She has gotten more legislation that she sponsored passed, but he’s gotten more amendments attached to other bills passed. Different strategy, same result.

    I still think there are stark differences in what Clinton and Sanders advocate for, even if in the end they tend to vote in favor of the same things. There is value in advocating for far more liberal goals even if you are willing to settle for less, for now. It provides useful education for the people, so that the people will push for a more liberal agenda down the road. Sanders advocates for a very liberal agenda, but takes what he can get. Clinton takes a more “pragmatic” approach of arguing for a more centrist agenda — left of center, but to the right of what Sanders advocates — incremental improvements. It is far easier for the right to argue that those incremental improvements aren’t really improvements and should be rolled back when you’ve touted those incremental improvements as great successes than if you’ve touted those improvements as mere concessions on the way to success.

    I’m with Bernie, I want the Democratic Party to dream big again.

  4. What quixote said!
    And while you’re “holding your nose and voting for Hillary” in the general, please stop dreaming and look downticket, Sandernistas!
    She won’t be able to do a thing without a Democratic congress to work with.
    And the same to all the “ready for Hillary” folks.
    It amazes me and depresses me that so few people actually get out and vote. Amazing and depressing that those who do, only do it once every four years, to vote for their “dream” head of state.
    And many of those fail to notice that down on the ballot is a space to vote for a congressperson-in some states a senator-and these people check just the first box and run home.
    Seriously, every time a presidential election is held-which is also a congressional election-way more people vote for president than for their representative in congress.
    What the hell! Do they pencil in the first box, get suddenly tired, run out of the polling place, and click on the remote to see if their world will change?
    Just can’t understand it. Just can’t.

  5. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for dreaming big. (If it comes to that, I think I dream a lot bigger than Sanders, actually.) But it’s kind of a think globally act locally thing. Dream big, but act on the small stuff. It counts, too.

  6. Again I support Sanders but flipping super delegates? I think he’s too smart to waste his time on such marginal returns. The loose talk is designed to keep supporters aboard after he over projected about Tuesday falling way short and to keep the contributions coming. The entire party delegate system was intended to put the bar very out of reach for liberal insurgencies. The only way to flip those delegates is by winning soundly on the popular side of the process. That he sadly has not done.

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