Trump: The soap opera

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Oh course, no one expected the media to play such a prominent role in propping him up. But they are, to say the least, not serious about really vetting Republican candidates:

One of Donald Trump’s top campaign strategists, former communications director Stephanie Cegielski, has resigned from his campaign in protest of Trump’s ridiculous statement that “only he can solve” the bombing in Pakistan (whatever that might mean). She has penned a devastating open letter to his supporters, explaining to us why she originally supported Trump, and how his excess and dishonesty turned her against him. She issues a stark warning to Trump supporters that the supposed “authenticity” of Trump is nothing but smoke and mirrors, a soap opera character – and that at the end of the day, Donald Trump only cares about himself. A brutal denunciation of Trump as both a candidate and a person, it might be the most complete evisceration of the orange-haired rabble-rouser yet written.

It will be interesting to see if Donald Trump’s supporters will be able to dismiss this evisceration so easily. They can’t cry “liberal media” or establishment bias – this comes from inside his own camp, the people who know him better than any of his supporters. It’s also a significant indication that Trump’s own advisers are becoming increasingly tired of his racist antics and his utter refusal to formulate any kind of substantial policy proposals. They recognize that he is utterly unprepared for the presidency and has no desire to change that.

You can read it here.

One thought on “Trump: The soap opera

  1. Upon scan-reading the thousand or so comments to the author’s rant it seems clear that:

    1. She wasn’t one of his top campaign strategists;
    2. She may have worked in a PAC;
    3. Trump supporters do not care because: it is the attitude not the specifics that are important.
    4. Obama was good.
    5. Obama was bad.
    6. Same as 4 & 5 but about health care.
    7. Same as 4 & 5 but about Hillary’s poll numbers vs. Sanders’ numbers.

    In other words, the author misrepresents herself and misses the point of Trump’s campaign and the reasons he enjoys the support he has garnered amongst a fed-up populace.

    Clueless should be the author’s middle name.

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