5 thoughts on “What Tomasky said

  1. As a Bernie supporter, I found that article to be as incorrect as it is insulting. Until Hillary, her campaign, and her supporters correctly identify why Bernie’s supporters vote for him, they will continue to alienate those supporters. Before the primary season, my voting for Hillary against a GOP candidate was foregone conclusion. Now, given the conduct of the campaign and the actions of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her association with the campaign, I may leave the Democratic party.

  2. Jay, of course Bernie’s right about a lot of what he says. The US would be *way* better off with a 45% overall tax rate like the Danes and actually get something for that money. (I once calculated what we spend in the US to get the services Danes get through taxpayer funding. It’s on the order of 65% (medical, school costs, price of no public transportation, etc.). No wonder we feel like we can’t spare another penny. And Bernie’s quite right that it’s the wrong pennies we’re pinching.

    What those of us who are Hillary supporters have trouble with is that she’s not actually that far away from him politically. (93% overlap in Senate voting records, CHIP children’s health insurance, etc., etc), so it’s really rather wrong of him to demonize her. Sure she’s taken money from Wall Street. So did Obama. The important thing is she comes up with legislation they do NOT like. (HOLC, commodities regulations, etc). She’s not their creature. Bernie’s taken money from the NRA. And has voted on their side every time they needed him. He can do that, but he should be honorable enough not to attack her for taking Wall Street’s money and NOT doing what they want.

    The other thing that’s weird is that while Bernie knows what’s wrong, he doesn’t do a lot to set it right. Hillary talks less and does more.

    Anyway. I could obviously go on forever. I’m just really sad to see the right wing anti-Hillary memes (that’s where they all trace back to) splitting up us good folks (:D) when we really need all hands on deck to deal with the appalling loons the Repubs want to foist on us.

  3. Jay, thanks for link to terrific article. If only ideologues like quixote and susie would read….

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