Obama still beats Trump and Cruz

Moving morning with President Obama at The White House Easter Prayer Breakfast. Photos on my Facebook page. by revchuckcurrie #WhiteHouse #USA

An old friend recently told me about a remarkable conversation she’d had with her mother, aged 95. A white woman resident in the Deep South from birth, she’d shown a lifelong indifference, if not aversion, to politics. Her daughter describes her racial attitudes as characteristic of her generation-never a hater, but also no dissenter from how…

4 thoughts on “Obama still beats Trump and Cruz

  1. Just about anyone would compare favorably with trump or Cruz. I’ll go with Fidel castros spot on appraisal of Obama, which was my reaction to preznit platitudes nine years ago. Empty platitudes at that. Although I will begrudge him some props for Cuba. It was long overdue for all that placating of Florida reactionaries to end, and I would never have guessed Obama would have the guts to go there. Otherwise , screw him.

  2. 2 Izquierdo

    You have asked your question in the right forum.

    Read it in Granma, the official party newspaper of Cuba. Click on any of five languages. Probably English and Spanish are good enough to get started. Lots of interesting history on the colonization of Cuba if you get deep into the meanings of the first few paragraphs.

    I give you, “El Hermano Obama,” authored by our own lovable Fidel.


  3. > But he’s also persuaded that surrendering to “the cable news hype fest” leads to dumb decisions.


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